TXT’s Beomgyu Had A Savage Response To Yeonjun Comment Toward His New Hair Highlights

Beomgyu was a bit disappointed by Yeonjun.

TXT‘s Soobin, Yeonjun, and Beomgyu recently held a live broadcast where Beomgyu showed off his new hairstyle!

During their live broadcast, Soobin read a comment that pointed out Beomgyu’s new look to which he responded, “Right, this is Beomgyu’s first time showing all his hair in live.”

While Soobin talked about Beomgyu’s blonde highlights, Beomgyu, of course, gave the camera some cute poses to show it off.

As Beomgyu blessed the viewers with eye contact and stunning poses, Yeonjun asked, “Wasn’t his hair like this when we’re doing ‘0X1=LOVESONG’?

Beomgyu, still touching his hair, looked to Yeonjun and answered, “There were no highlights.” Disappointed, Beomgyu also commented, “He has no interest in me.

Yeonjun couldn’t help but smile at Beomgyu’s reaction and explained, “Yeah, yeah, yeah that’s right.

Source: Naver TV


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