Netizens Praise Chinese Actress Fan Bingbing For Her Full Figure And Her Response To Rude Comments About Her Weight

She’s iconic!

Recently, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing is receiving praise from netizens for her curvy figure.

Unfairly slammed by journalists for her fuller figure in the past, harsh headlines criticized her for weight.

‘Arm fat?’…Fan Bingbing, regrettable figure

— Dispatch

Despite having a healthy weight and normal BMI at 57kg (about 126 pounds) at 168 cm (around 5’6″), she received criticism. However, netizens are sticking up for her.

Already known for her gorgeous visuals, netizens defended her healthy and slender weight.

  • “But being 57kg at 168 is pretty slender”
  • “Bodies like her are prettier though”
  • “She’s f*cking pretty though how dare they bash Fan Bingbing for her looks and body?ㅋㅋ”

When her weight was questioned, her witty response left netizens cheering for her.

I’m 168 cm tall. I don’t think I’m overweight.
Even if people make fun of me for being overweight, isn’t weight just a number?
I’m fine because I’m pretty.

— Fan Bingbing

Netizens are loving how she breaks the mold with her full figure and confidence!

Source: theqoo