A Fan Called Out Baekhyun’s Name At Taeyeon’s Concert, What She Did Next Is Everything

Fans are in love with how she handled the situation.

EXO‘s Baekhyun and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon began dating in 2014 and many fans fell in love with this particular ship, although the two ultimately decided to part ways in 2015. Now some people like to see what kind of reaction the two have when the other is mentioned, and Taeyeon’s reaction to hearing Baekhyun’s name was amazing.

in December 2018, Taeyeon had a concert in Thailand. During one portion of the event, she got to spend some time interacting with fans. While she melted hearts when she took a fan’s banner and wore it…

Some fans can’t get over her reaction to hearing Baekhyun’s name. Shortly after handing the banner back to the fan, another fan in the audience suddenly shouted out Baekhyun’s name. At first, Taeyeon seemed a little confused by the shout and turned around to figure out where it came from.

That look didn’t last long though because Taeyeon soon had a big smile on her face and then turned her attention back to her fans.

The simple acknowledgment, along with her quick attention to her fans, has touched a lot of hearts. Check out the moment in the fancam below: