Fan starts crying in front of MONSTA X I.M, what he did next made everyone jealous

MONSTA X‘s I.M showed an incredibly soft and gentle side when a fan started crying in front of him.

At MONSTA X’s recent fan signing event in Bundang, Seoul, I.M. was seen comforting and wiping away the tears of a fan.

In the video, she showed I.M her nail art, which had his own face on it. I.M was thoroughly moved and fascinated by her nails, and continued to hold her hand while signing her copy of their album.

While he was signing, the fan began shedding tears of happiness upon seeing his reaction to her nail art, in which he seemed genuinely fascinated by them.

I.M noticed she was crying after he finished signing her album and continued to maintain eye contact with her as much as possible while comforting her, and almost wiped away one of her tears.

Watch the touching moment below.