Fan Design Of TXT’s Lightstick Is So Stunning It Was Mistaken For Version Two

Plenty of fans wouldn’t mind getting their hands on it.

Following the first look at TXT‘s official lightstick back in January, many fans’ reactions weren’t exactly positive.

Since it could be viewed as a child’s toy from the simple design and small pops of color, they hadn’t been impressed with the work of such a big company as Big Hit Entertainment.

| @bighit_merch/Twitter

Eventually, fans grew to like it. On top of matching the colors for the group’s debut album The Dream Chapter: Star, it fit the fun, bright vibe of “Crown” well.

After TXT’s change from that colorful concept to darker ones “Run Away” and “Can’t You See Me?”, one fan thought they would change their lighstick to mirror that shift.

| Big Hit Entertainment

Taking inspiration from the latest album The Dream Chapter: Enternity, Twitter user @queenieFnall created a lightstick so beautiful no one would complain if it replaced the first.

Stepping away from the original, the fan used a dull white, pops of silver, and darker colors of purple and green to give it a sophisticated look. Using the group’s newest logo, they changed the buttons and incorporated it into a creative shape for the top half of the lightstick. There’s also a small, cute lock attached to the side for a finishing touch.

If you wondered how it would look in the dark, it’s just as stunning as you’d imagine. Like the original, the logo would still be visible but enhanced by the shine of the silver on the handle and around it.

As soon as MOAs spotted the creation, they showered the design with praise for looking so stunning. While some had thought it truly was the second version of TXT’s official lightstick, others shared their wishes for wanting to buy it.

The talented fan even designed TXT bracelets that were just as eye-catching and creative as the lightstick. Big Hit Entertainment knows where to look if they need to hire creatives for TXT’s future projects.

One thing’s for sure; if it indeed were the second version of their lightstick, fans would be lining up to purchase it.