A Fan Asks IU A Question At The Airport And Immediately Regrets It After Receiving The Answer

IU’s answer left more questions!

IU completed an incredibly successful concert in Seoul last weekend before jetting off to Italy for Milan’s fashion week.

IU at her “The Golden Hour” concert | @dlwlrma/Instagram

IU stunned fans and fellow celebrities after she pulled off two nights of a grand three-hour concert on September 17 and 18. Her two-night show, The Golden Hour, was meticulously planned and rehearsed by the incredibly talented soloist to celebrate her 14th anniversary.

The costumes, production, set designs, and props were on another level, fitting for IU. From fireworks and drone shows to greeting her fans in a hot air balloon, the concerts were surely a night to remember for the lucky 85,000 fans that attended the sold-out show.

IU performing “Strawberry Moon” in a hot air balloon | @philconcerts/Twitter

Just four days after she concluded the concert, IU was photographed at Incheon Airport on the way to Milan Fashion Week.

Netizens and fans noted how the idol was glowing as she was all smiles, waving and greeting fans and media as she made her way through the airport to catch her flight.

IU at Incheon Airport

While walking to her gate, a lucky fan was able to ask the star a quick and pressing question. During IU’s The Golden Hour concerts, she made the bittersweet announcement that she would be “graduating” her songs “Good Day” and “Palette,” and would not be performing them live again.

She released her hit song “Good Day” in 2010, which quickly gained interest due to the impressive three high notes towards the end of the song. “Palette” was another hit song by IU featuring fellow second-generation singer-songwriter BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon. “Palette” was released on her fourth album in 2017, which was named the number one K-Pop album of 2017 by Billboard.

IU’s “Good Day” music video | 1theK/YouTube

IU explained that she is happier now at 30 years old and wanted to leave “Palette” behind to the 25-year-old IU, and she performed “Good Day” when she was still a teenager.

“Good Day” and “Palette” aren’t the only songs IU has “graduated,” she also said goodbye to her 2009 song “Marshmallow” at her 10th-anniversary concert in 2018.

With three fan-favorite songs being “graduated” from live performances, it’s understandable some fans became nervous about their favorite IU songs. This may have led one fan to approach IU and ask her about her song “Twenty-Three.”

IU’s “Twenty-Three” music video | 1theK/YouTube

In a video captured of the moment, the fan hilariously yelled out to IU, “Jieun unnie, Good Day” and “Palette” graduated [from the set list]. Does this mean “Twenty-Three” will graduate, too?

IU listened intently to the question while accepting letters from other fans gathered around the star and her bodyguards, who were moving swiftly through the crowd.

| @babiejieun/Twitter

IU ponders for a moment before tapping her finger against her head while saying, “I’m thinking about it.

Immediately after she said it a chorus of “NOOOOOO” rang out from multiple fans who likely regretted asking the question already.

| @babiejieun/Twitter 

IU was laughing as she continued walking, giving no further indication about whether or not we’ll be able to continue hearing the catchy song live.

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