Fan Reveals Why She Is Done With Park Bo Gum, And Leaving His Fandom

The fan got really turned off when they discovered one of his recommended songs.

A former fan of Park Bo Gum, posted on a forum – titled “I’m done with Park Bo Gum I can’t stand him anymore” – the reason why she quit his fandom, saying she got turned off by one of the songs he recommended on Bugs.

“Park Bo Gum said he had recommended songs so I searched them all on Bugs. Yoo Hyo Rim’s ‘I Belong To You O Lord’ (Literal title ‘Now I Am No More’) was one of them. So, I listened to it thinking it was a really emotional title but look at the god damn lyrics.”

The song is a Christian song so the lyrics talk about how the person no longer exists because Jesus lives in them.

“I no longer live, but Jesus lives in me. Only Jesus, only Jesus who lives in me I will live, praising. I will live, worshiping only Jesus in me.”

Park Bo Gum has been involved in numerous controversies in Korea over his church, who many believe to be a cult. And so some fans were put off when they saw him promoting the church.

“Whether or not he’s in a cult…as an atheist it kind of discomforts me”

“Ha…this is the last straw for me ㅠ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

“F**k I couldn’t speak for a moment ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

[★BREAKING] Park Bo Gum Under Controversy After Endorsing Religious Cult

One commenter did point out though that as long as the church, whether it’s labeled as a cult or not, does good deeds and doesn’t harm anyone then should there be an issue?

“Personally believing in Jesus and being in a cult looks the same to me…The only real difference is whether the religion is accepted or not, but they both believe in a God. If a cult does good deeds and a lot of volunteer work, isn’t that good? I mean as long as they don’t do any weird stuff.”


Source: Pann Nate