A Fan Made A Meme Of The Characters From “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” And It’s Hilariously Accurate

Ko Moon Young is our spirit animal.

Netflix‘s hit K-Drama, It’s Okay Not to Be Okay sure is making waves! From fashion pieces to books, the drama’s reach is all-encompassing. A Korean fan on Twitter, @dazzle_ed, recently made ingenious memes to show the changes the characters have gone through, now that we are at the halfway mark of the entire show.Β These memes show the characters’ first impressions vs. their current impressions.

Moon Kang Tae’s character has gone from an innocent puppy to a more assertive fox, while Ko Moon Young is the exact opposite, going from fits of obsessiveness to being a big ol’ softie. Sang Tae oppa is showing his true self, becoming very blunt and curt with his expressions, so fans liken him to a pumpkin. Danho-bak in Korean is used to refer to someone who is blunt, but it also means “pumpkin”. Nurse Nam Ju Ri is also developing more of a fiercer side as she begins to learn that it is not all bad to show her true emotions.

| @dazzle_ed/Twitter

On the other hand, for the side characters, we have Moon Young’s publisher going from a brash “I’ll do it all for you!” type of guy, to a more mellowed one yearning for his crush to like him back. His assistant also has begun to show more commitment to her job, despite still complaining about it half-heartedly. The Moon brothers’ best friend, has started to be more clingy, while Ju Ri’s mom is also showing more of her motherly force rather than simply doting on the younger generation.

| @dazzle_ed/Twitter

On the other hand, another meme from the drama has been making rounds on Twitter by international fans. International fans from various fandoms have hilariously inserted their biases into clips interspersed with the scene where Ko Moon Young screams her love for Kang Tae at him. Check out this one with NCT‘s Jaehyun.

Do you agree with these memes? As the drama progresses, we can learn from the character development as displayed by the actors. It seems as if they are changing each other, be it for the better or the worse. Tune in to the show every weekend at 10pm KST on Netflix to get your weekly fix!