A Fan Gushes About NCT Taeyong’s Sweet Personality After Meeting Him At A Café

“I thought he was an angel.”

An NCT fan is making headlines after meeting Taeyong at a café!

| @doublekill_ty/Twitter

The lucky fan shared her story on Twitter with a photo of a signed album that she received from him. This is what she had to say.

I’m posting this after some time has passed. Today, I met Taeyong at a café. I was worried for him and when I asked if he was okay, he responded that his body is feeling better now. I got touched when he gave me Lunar New Year’s greetings first (due to my stupid nerves, I responded to his greetings way later, dummy.) T-yong’s (nickname) speech was so sweet. He was so kind for the entirety of our conversation that I thought he was an angel.

— @wannabemini/Twitter

The fan is referring to the time Taeyong announced that he would take a break from all NCT promotions due to a herniated disk injury in his lower back. This only happened back in December of 2020 so the fan was doing her part and checking up on his condition. She further shared her experience about meeting the NCT member in an additional comment.

| @wannabemini/Twitter

I’m grateful to his manager, who was next to him watching us calmly. The signed album that I received is a gift for an unnie who recently became a NCTzen. I had a bag of their older albums and searched through them before finding this one. I told this to T-yong. (During this time, I was talking about the newest NCT album at the café.)

She continued her cute story about their encounter and shared her belated regrets.

| @wannabemini/Twitter

P.S. I was so nervous that I realized I didn’t get to tell T-yong many words of encouragement. I regret that so much..I wasn’t able to show virtue from the start of the year that I’m a little flustered…I will take how I’m feeling and relay it to all you NCTzen’s. I hope you all have a wonderful Lunar New Year’s! I also hope that all the members will be healthy and I’ll look forward to all your amazing performances! Hwaiting!

— @wannabemini/Twitter

She is living the dream. What a lucky gal!


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