A Fan Got Cut Off Without Second Chances For Breaking The Rules During A Video Call Fan Sign With NCT

Take notes, if you’re aspiring to be a fan sign winner!

NCT just had a round of video call fan signs recently and it was revealed that one fan was extremely unlucky. She had won the video call fan sign after purchasing multiple albums for lotto entries. However, something unexpected occurred.

The fan uploaded the following tweet, letting people know of her plight.

| Pann

F*ck I want to kms… My phone was on horizontal mode so my friend appeared in the frame for just one second and I got shocked so I pushed her aside but the staff immediately cut the call… yeah f
*ck I want to die.

— Fan

As per video call fan sign rules, only one person is allowed to be in the call. However, it is not uncommon for winners to have friends over to witness the moment. If more than one person appears directly in the frame though, it can be considered against the rules.

NCT’s Shotaro in a video call unrelated to the above incident. | @show_my_love/Twitter

According to the messages exchanged in the screenshot above, the staff had replied, “As we have checked that there is more than one person in the call, we have ended the event. You cannot participate further.” The staff continued to tell her that her messenger account will be blocked as the fan continued to plead with the staff for one more try.

Although it seems like a pure mistake, the staff had to act according to the rules. Better luck next time!

Source: pann


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