A fan took a watermelon to an idol’s agency and got to see her bias

A fan was able to meet her favorite idol by giving a watermelon to his agency!

That agency was Chun Entertainment, home to Produce 101‘s Kim Yong Guk and Kim Shi Hyun!

A Chinese fan uploaded a post saying that she met Kim Shi Hyun with the permission of the CEO.

“I just went to Chun Entertainment and
Yong Guk wasn’t there and only Shi Hyun was there.
I got permission from the company CEO, and took a photo!
I did it the right, proper way”

— Sasaeng Fan

But the photo clearly looked like she forcefully invaded Shi Hyun’s privacy.

When the fans demanded why the CEO allowed a sasaeng to enter, the CEO said he mistook her for a guest.

“I thought she was a guest because she had a watermelon.”

CEO of Chun Entertainment

Chun Entertainment is known to lack security for their trainees because of their small size.

Fans are demanding that they use the money from Produce 101 to protect their boys.

Source: Instiz

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