A Fan Traveled 6 Hours On Wheelchair To See This Idol And Made Her Cry

She couldn’t hold back her tears.

A fan traveled 6 hours on a wheelchair to see IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon at a fansign event and made her burst into tears.


On April 7, IZ*ONE held a fansign event at the CTS Hall in Noryangjin, Seoul where numerous fans gathered to meet IZ*ONE. Among these fans was a little girl who was on a wheelchair.


According to a fan, the little girl was able to attend the event thanks to her father’s effort.


He had apparently driven 6 hours for his daughter to see the artists that she loved.


Thanks to her father, the little girl was able to meet her favorite stars up close. Chaeyeon spoke to the girl, bringing her face up close, and gave her two big thumbs up as well.


In the end, however, Chaeyeon became overwhelmed by her emotions and burst into tears.


Watch their touching interaction below:

Source: Dispatch