A Fancam Of BTS’s Jungkook Hits Over A Million Views In Just One Day Due To An Unexpected But Sexy Moment

He handled it like a pro too.

BTS just wrapped their first offline concert in South Korea since the pandemic. As much as fans missed them, BTS gave the two days their all. For ARMY not fortunate enough to score tickets to the show, fancams of the performances were uploaded. One such fancam of Jungkook from the boys’ performance of “FAKE LOVE” went viral in just a day.

While it’s not surprising for BTS videos to make it to the “Most Watched” list, this particular one is making rounds due to an unexpected moment. Within a day of posting, the video surpassed a million views as of March 15, 2022.

Most of the video showcased Jungkook and his flawless skills…

…but fans got a surprise when the first button on his jacket popped.

The jacket was barely hanging on with its second button near the hem!

He couldn’t help but giggle in between lines! Of course, being the professional he is, these smiles were fleeting.

| I DARE U JK/ YouTube

He took advantage of the kneeling move in the choreography to quickly fix his clothes.

While he must’ve been taken aback at the wardrobe malfunction, ARMY were absolutely thankful to the button who went on strike.

Thanks to the button, fans got to catch a glimpse of the abs that Jungkook works so hard on! The sexy moment also added on to the performance factor for “FAKE LOVE”.

Catch the moment below for yourself!


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