Fancam of Fireworks Exploding In Seolhyun’s Face As AOA Members Gasp In Horror Resurfaces

Seolhyun was placed in a dangerous situation during a live performance.

A fancam of a pyrotechnic display exploding dangerously close to AOA member Seolhyun‘s face has resurfaced, causing fans renewed concern for the safety of their idols.


In the footage, AOA appears to be performing on a small stage. Seolhyun is lying near the front of the stage when  the pyrotechnics go off suddenly.


Seolhyun jumps in shock and ducks to protect her face as the fireworks shoot out just feet away.


The camera pans to Hyejeong who has a look of horror on her face out of concern for her fellow AOA member.



After she takes a moment to process the situation, Hyejeong realizes Seolhyun is okay and smiles as if to reassure fans that the danger has passed.


Fans, however, have been concerned by the dangerous situation, and are just relieved that a serious injury did not occur. Check out a clip from the dangerous incident below: