Everyone Wants This Fan’s Design Of Taeyeon’s Lightstick To Become Official

Everyone loves the fan-made design.

Ever since SM Entertainment announced an official lightstick for Red Velvet, fans of the label’s other female artists have been demanding their own.

Fans Of These SM Girl Groups Want Their Official Lightsticks…NOW!


While waiting for their own official lightsticks, many fans have already drawn designs for what they want them to look like, with several becoming quite popular online.


But one fan’s design for Taeyeon’s solo lightstick has caught the attention of fans for both its design and how real it looks.


While the lightstick definitely has elements of Taeyeon’s unique image, it also somewhat resembles the design of Red Velvet’s official lightstick.


Fans are quite in love with the mock-up and would love to see it become the official one!

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