Fans Can’t Get Enough Of BTS V’s “Choco Steamed Bun” Cheeks

This nickname fits him perfectly!

BTS’s V is well known among fans for his nickname of “choco steamed buns”. For those that are not aware, let us explain!

First, if you do a simple search on Google, you can see that when typing ‘초코찐빵’ (choco steamed buns), the results come back with actual steamed bun photos, but many more photos of V.

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Now how did he get this nickname?

Taking a look at these photos below, you can see that he has a beautiful darker skin complexion that reminds fans of the color chocolate.


But why steamed buns you may ask? V is also known for his cute cheeks that pop out any time he smiles. Thus, V’s nickname of “choco steamed buns” was born!



To get a better understanding of this nickname, let’s take a look at some more photos.








Now we shall take a look at his side profile to get a better grasp of his cute and squishy cheeks.


You can see V sometimes checking up on his cheeks to make sure they are still there.



His “steamed bun” cheeks are at their peak when he gets up in the morning!



Here’s a more recent look at his cheeks from the 2021 Winter Package.

Well, guess I’m off in search of more V’s “choco steamed buns”!

Source: theqoo