Fans Can’t Get Enough Of NCT Jungwoo’s Cute Friendship With THE BOYZ’s Juyeon

We need to see more of these two togther!

THE BOYZ‘s Juyeon made a special appearance as a guest MC on MBC‘s Music Core, which is hosted by NCT‘s Jungwoo and Kim Min Ju. Fans were happy to see Juyeon and Jungwoo present together, as this gave them an opportunity to show off their cute friendship.

Starting with some cute selfies that Jungwoo snapped of them backstage…

…the two went on to bless fans with some of the funniest and most adorable moments fans could have asked for.

Fans couldn’t help pointing out how cute this particular moment was…

…or how well the two of them get along.

Hilariously, they also pointed out that each of them has ‘a Jaehyun’ who was probably waiting for them at home.

But for the most part, fans were just happy to see at least a little bit of the friendship that these two ’98-liner idols have.

They also found it hilarious that Jungwoo seems to be ‘collecting’ ’98-liners, since he is also friends with his fellow MC Stray KidsLee Know.

As a matter of fact, Juyeon is also friends with Lee Know, whom he says he met during ISAC. His other ’98-liner friendships include ATEEZ‘s Seonghwa and SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan. Given this, there could be a ’98-liner squad much like the famous ’97-liners! But while we have yet to see much of that, fans are at least happy to see the NCT and THE BOYZ crumbs that Jungwoo and Juyeon’s latest interaction has brought.

This is especially because their friendship really does seem to be genuine, given how Jungwoo was able to help Juyeon with his nervousness over presenting as an MC for the first time in a few years.

We can only hope that we will get to see more sweet moments between these two friends in the future, as well as with their other ’98-liner friends. This was a rare moment, but hopefully it won’t be the the last!