Fans Can’t Help But Laugh At The Difference Between GOT7’s BamBam And Jackson Wang’s Reaction When A Fan Says They’re In Class

BamBam’s response is so him!

While GOT7 are known for being a hilarious group overall, all of the members have their own personalities and react to things differently. While Jackson Wang and BamBam are known to be on the funnier and goofier side of the group, they too have their own individual feelings towards things, including when a fan says that they are trying to pay attention in class while one of them is distracting them!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang

GOT7’s BamBam

Jackson recently spent time going live on various social media platforms where he was able to directly speak with some fans prior to the release of his first solo album since the group left JYP Entertainment, Magic Man. As he signed posters for an upcoming event, Jackson talked about his future plans including his wishes to do a world tour and some of the locations he wants to visit in addition to going viral for his reaction to fans spending money on him on TikTok Live.

During one portion of his live stream on Instagram, fans commented that they were in class watching him. Jackson takes things like this seriously as he wants all his fans to be successful in their lives, and told the fans to pay attention while in class, or to at least “don’t get caught.”

This was very responsible for Jackson to say but fans couldn’t help but recall when BamBam was told the same thing but had a very different reaction.

During one of his many Twitter reply sprees, a fan tweeted BamBam saying that they were studying and that all of BamBam’s tweets were making their phone go off, disturbing them.  BamBam replied to them right away, presumably causing another notification to pop up for the fan.

BamBam is known for being hilariously petty so he didn’t stop the teasing there. He proceeded to tweet the fan seven more times after that, all with short nonsensical messages like “yo” or “skrrt skrrt.” While most fans would be thrilled for this many responses, you can only image how the fan felt when their phone kept going off!

BamBam’s multiple replies to a fan. | @withgotseven_/Twitter

These two different responses really sum up the difference between the two GOT7 members’ personalities (and proves that BamBam will always take a chance to tease fans)!