Fans Concerned For BTS Jungkook After Sudden Weight Loss

Fans express concerns over Jungkook’s weightloss.

BTS‘s Jungkook has released a new cover, “All of My Life” by Park Won, but the video has sparked some concern.


As always, A.R.M.Y was excited to hear the maknae’s angelic vocals, but the video sparked speculation about Jungkook‘s health. Fans are worried that he has lost too much weight. 


Up until now, the singer has been BTS‘s physically strongest member, and one of the healthiest. However, in these images, Jungkook‘s face appears thinner and more angular than before.


Jungkook singing “We Don’t Talk Anymore” by Charlie Puth in 2017…


…versus Jungkook singing “All of My Life”.

The lighting and video quality are similar in these videos, but Jungkook may be slightly elongated in “All of My Life”, due to it being a verticle video.


BTS is used to crammed schedules and long hours, but with this album release coming up, fans worry the members might need more rest.


Since BTS‘s 2013 debut, Jungkook has grown up a lot and lost his adorable baby fat along the way. So, although many fans are concerned, others are not as worried.


A.R.M.Y. is excited to hear the new album, but hope Jungkook will put his health first! Watch the full video here.

Source: Twitter


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