Fans Concerned After Solji Removes All EXID-Related Posts From Her Instagram

Fans grow worried that she could be hinting at something.

EXID‘s Solji has been on hiatus from group promotions since 2016 because of her hyperthyroidism. Still, she has been actively supporting the remaining four members of EXID while they continued to promote without her.


So when Solji removed all photos, even the EXID-related ones, from her Instagram, fans grew incredibly concerned.


Solji’s Instagram, which included pictures of herself with EXID members, is now at a total of five posts — none of which are EXID-related.

Fans have pointed out, however, that the members are still following each other, so it may not be the worst case scenario.


Fans wonder if the sudden change on her social media could be triggered by the press release of EXID’s upcoming showcase in Japan. The news explained Solji will not be able to participate in these Japanese promotions either.

Some even believe that Solji may be hinting at her decision not to renew the contract with EXID’s agency, as it will expire in 2019.


Others are convinced that this was nothing but a bit of spring cleaning.


Whatever the reason, Solji’s fans are pouring their hearts out in the comments section, wishing the idol well.