No One Can Figure Out The Real Heights Of NCT’s Jaehyun, APRIL’s Naeun And BLACKPINK’s Rosé

We’re just as flummoxed.

It’s not the first time fans have been confused over their idol’s heights. NCT‘s Johnny is famous for being cryptic about his height as fans refuse to believe his profile height of 184cm (6.03 ft) However, a screenshot from last Sunday’s run of Inkigayo got fans thinking again.

According to their public profiles, APRIL‘s Naeun is 167cm (5.48 ft), NCT‘s Jaehyun is 180cm (5.90 ft) and BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is 168cm (5.51 ft). But what got fans really confused was how Rosé looked way taller than Naeun, while Jaehyun did not look over 10cm taller than Rosé.

It also isn’t the first time Rosé has caught up in height to Jaehyun.

| @Okey23641700/Twitter

Fans got even more confused when they found this scene and realized that SF9‘s Rowoon is 191cm (6.26 ft), making Jaehyun and Naeun look absolutely tiny in this side by side comparison.

| @jaehyunieuno/Twitter

Here’s another photo for proof that Rowoon really makes everyone look small in comparison next to him!

| @NCTNightNight/Twitter

So just what are the real heights of these three? Many have debated that it is possible that either Rosé played down her height so as to fit in better with the more petite members of BLACKPINK, Jennie and Jisoo, or Naeun rounded her height up by a few cm. The possibility of Jaehyun doing the same was also not ruled out.

As K-pop profiles are known to release fudged information about idols’ heights and weights, it is usually up to the idols to reveal their true stats on variety shows or social media when fans get overly curious. Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri‘s true weight was also only released during her stint on Real Men, proving her to be well over 50kg (110 lbs) as compared to her profile weight of 45kg (99 lbs).

Source: pann and pinterest