Fans Defend Lovelyz’ Baby Soul After Netizens Call Her “Ugly” And “Fat” In Related Searches

This is not the first time she was criticized for her appearance.

LovelyzBaby Soul recently made headlines after netizens noticed that many of her related searches attack her appearance.

baby soul

When searching the name “Baby Soul” on Naver, a popular web portal in South Korea, the related searches range from “Baby Soul Ugly” to “Lovelyz Baby Soul Fat”.



This is not the first time netizens have attacked Baby Soul for her physical appearance. Soon after Lovelyz’ debut, she was criticized for her “average looks”, with many proclaiming that nobody would ever guess she was an idol.

Most of the women on the subway are probably hotter than her.
I don’t think anyone would even think she’s a celebrity.

– Korean Netizens



Fans promptly came to her defense, defending her visuals.

Baby Soul, don’t get hurt, you’re so pretty.
She is so cute and lovely.


baby soul2

Others praised her for her talent in singing.

I get a lot of energy thanks to her voice.
She represents the group in terms of good singers.


baby soul1

A number of netizens highlighted the danger of spreading hate comments online, saying that it can have grave impacts on the idol’s mental health.

People shouldn’t write things like this. Writing mean comments can hurt that celebrity.
There are a lot of people attacking other people. Don’t cross that line.
This just doesn’t seem right. We need to get rid of Naver’s related searches.


baby soul

In related news, K-Pop fans have recently started pressing for more strengthened regulations towards malicious comments.

Strengthened Regulations For Malicious Comments Resurfaces After Goo Hara’s Passing


Source: Nate
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