Fans discover a shocking secret, hidden in the first “Goblin” episode

This recent discovery shows that the genius author Kim Eun Sook had hidden the ending of Goblin among scenes of the first episode in plain sight.

The mega-hit Goblin: The Lonely and Great God came to a close last week to the sadness of many viewers around the world. Much of the cast said their thank you‘s and goodbye‘s via social media – bringing the show to its final wrap-up. However, what fans may not know is just how clever the show began.

In fact, the first time Kim Shin met Ji Eun Tak the audience was shown exactly how the show was going to end.

In the moment Kim Shin spots Ji Eun Tak walking down the street in the rain, the sequence flashes to a series of images relating to Eun Tak. While at first, they may appear to be a non-sensical series of images, the moment was actually one of the Goblin’s future-sight moments – and told the audience the full ending of the show.

Kim Shin spots Eun Tak in her school uniform walking down the street.

The show then cuts to images of a page turning in a book, a kiss, a candle being blown out, and a dandelion blowing in the wind.

During the course of the show, all of these events come to fruition.

The book….

The kiss…

The candle…

The dandelion…

The viewers were unwittingly shown the ending of the series from the very beginning! The brilliant author has already begun talking about her upcoming project but fans are still in mourning over the end of this amazing series. We’re all going to miss Goblin quite a lot.

Check out the full flashback scene below!

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