Fans discover proof that BTS Jungkook is wearing a wig to hide comeback hair

Fans are certain Jungkook is hiding his hair for the comeback under a wig he wore to Music Bank in Singapore.

After everyone was thrilled to see a light brown peeking out from under his hat, it may have been for not.

Photos from the stage show Jungkook lifting up his hat to reveal… well, either a wig or some serious hat-hair (or extensions).

Fans are almost certain it’s a wig, however, given the shape and the bend of his bangs.

Everyone is excited to see what his true full-strength comeback hair will look like.

High hopes say it’s blue, or some kind of gorgeous undercut – think Rap Monster during “Danger” era on Jungkook.

There is also speculation that V may have also been wearing a wig, as he was spotted with his big hat both to and from the airport.

The beretΒ he wore during the show also showed hints of a not-so-auburn side-burn showing, unlike his selfie a few day prior.

This wouldn’t be the first time BTS has been clever about hiding their comeback hair – Suga went all black to hide his all blonde look in 2015.

There’s even a solid chance Jimin may be doing the same with that gorgeous deep pink.

We’re all going to have to wait to find out! In the mean time, here’s the funniest speculative list we’ve found so far.