Fans Are in a Heated Debate About EXO Baekhyun’s Recent Breakfast

Baekhyun’s recent breakfast has fans thoroughly confused.

EXO‘s Baekhyun recently revealed his first meal of the day, but fans couldn’t hide their surprise at the portion size.

In a Twitter post, Baekhyun shared a photo of his meal, which consisted of sweet potato, a plate of apples, and an iced Americano.

And fans expressed their disappointment that he was eating so little.

Baekhyun, that one sweet potato makes my heart ache. Hurry up and eat a pan of sweet potato pizza instead.

– Fan

But in response, Baekhyun shared a response that no one was expecting.

He revealed that it was difficult for him to finish the meal because he was too full.

You’re really brave if you can finish one apple and one sweet potato all by yourself. I can’t finish it. I’m too full.

– Baekhyun

And this got fans worried.

Fans believe that the portion looks much too small to make Baekhyun full.

And they expressed their shock by debating about exactly what size of a sweet potato Baekhyun was talking about.

Are you talking about a sweet potato this size…?

– Fan

Baekhyun… was the sweet potato this big…?

– Fan

How much Baekhyun wants to eat is his business, but fans can’t help but feel worried that he’s not eating enough.

Here’s hoping Baekhyun is feeding himself well!


Source: Dispatch