Fans Explain Why NCT U’s “Boss” Unit Needs A Comeback

We’re holding out on a comeback too.

NCT U‘s “Boss” was released in 2018 but it doesn’t mean that fans have thrown it into the back of the drawer just yet. It seems that many NCTzens are still hung up on the unit, given that they claim it is the most well-balanced one ever, and we have to agree. Here’s the reasons behind the 7 member combination that make the unit one that’s hard to forget.

1. Winwin, who brings out protective instincts.

Fans call him “ppi-yak” or “byeongari“, which both mean little chick in Korean. This is due to the fact that he was just a cute babie when he had first debuted. Many still agree that Winwin was absolutely adorable, even with a hard-hitting track like “Boss“.

2. Innocent Puppy Jungwoo

Jungwoo’s known for being a lookalike of both the Sanrio character, Pocchaco, as well as his own puppy, Obokie. Fans have completely fallen for his adorable puppy-like charms as well as his trademark fresh innocence.

3. Bunny King and his high notes.

The Bunny King, Doyoung made waves with his black hair and fierce styling in the “Boss” era, but also for his epic high note at the bridge of the song. As the main vocal, he carried most of the more lyrical parts.

4. Boyfriend material all-rounder, Mark.

Fans were amazed at his charisma and talent during his solo rap in the song, but also his “boyfriend side” that came out during offstage photoshoots and content. His quirky awkwardness contrasted charmingly with his hard rap.

5. The I-will-give-you-everything-I-own maker, Taeyong.

That eyebrow scratch. The cross earrings. The husky voice. The controlled but powerful dance moves. Fans are willing to risk it all for this man.

6. Visuals. Just, visuals.

There’s not much left to explain with this one. Jaehyun‘s golden ratio, picture perfect looks will have you swooning at how amazing he looks in the “Boss” uniforms.

7. Goofy but absolutely handsome.

Lucas‘ trademark gummy smile and deep-set eyes will have any girl swooning. The baby giant is always putting fans in a dilemma as they try to pick a side they like more – goofy, funny puppy vs. handsome, statuesque model.

Fans ardently demand for a comeback of the “Boss” unit, with comments such as “I’ll close one eye so just release “Boss” as the next new comeback song”, as well as “It was really a legendary concept. I didn’t think much of NCT until “Boss” came out and I immediately became a fan”. We’re hoping on this one too – SM, listen to the people! Meanwhile, you can watch Winwin and Lucas through their comeback with WayV for “Turn Back Time” here, and support Jaehyun as he continues to MC on Inkigayo weekly!

Source: PANN