Fans Make Funny Connection Between BLACKPINK Jennie And Stray Kids Han

“As a STAYBLINK this is the best interaction we’ve ever had.” – Fan

BLACKPINK‘s “Ice Cream” not only marked new music from the group but a collaboration with American singer Selena Gomez. While the music video for the track had fans running to sell out Lisa‘s looks, it also had others having fun with some of its scenes.

A few of them, in particular, had some fans making a hilarious connection between Jennie and Han of Stray Kids that had everyone cracking up.

Halfway into the video, the girls featured another special guest besides Rosé‘s fluffy co-star. Sitting in front of them was a sizable brown animal that was just as adorable. It even featured in some of Jennie’s solo scenes.

In one particular shot of the two, Jennie and the animal cutely shared what appeared to be a carrot stick. Though her face wasn’t fully visible, the glimpse of her smile showed how happy she was. Upon seeing the heartwarming moment, it reminded some fans of a funny connection.

Since Han’s appearance is often said to resemble a squirrel or quokka, some couldn’t help but see the animal and think of him. There was one funny twist, though.

Although the animal looked like the two previously named, it was instead a capybara. That didn’t stop fans from understanding the funny connection, playing along with the joke, and having a good laugh about it.

Since some had been waiting for some form of interaction between BLACKPINK and Stray Kids, it made it that much funnier. If Han had seen the connect fans made, he would’ve laughed as well.

Check out Jennie having a cute moment with Han’s animal lookalike, or at least a cousin of it, here.