Fans Are Furious After Uniform Brand ‘Skoolooks’ Leaves 3 LOONA Members Out Of Group Poster

Orbits can’t understand why these 3 members were excluded.

School uniform brand Skoolooks recently released new advertisements featuring their girl group endorsers, LOONA. However, fans have been left reeling after it was revealed that 3 members are missing from the newest group poster.

Back in November 2019, Skoolooks announced that LOONA had been selected as the brand’s new models. Skoolooks is one of the most popular school uniform brands in South Korea, with past female models including TWICE, Somi, and IZ*ONE. TXT currently serve as the brand’s male endorsers.

Since becoming the brand’s ambassadors, the LOONA members have participated in multiple photoshoots.

In March 2020, Skoolooks released a new LOONA photoshoot, which featured each individual member in the brand’s summer uniforms.

After seeing how cute the members looked in their solo shots, Orbits couldn’t wait to see the group advertisements.

However, fans got a shock on April 9 when a Korean Orbit snapped a photo of the latest group ad on display in one of the Skoolooks stores. Unexpectedly, three members were missing from the photo: Vivi, Haseul, and Yeojin.

Credit: @naneunbitzzi on Twitter

Since it appears that all 12 members participated in the individual shoot, Orbits couldn’t understand why only 9 made it into the group advertisement.

To make matters worse, the previous poster used in the same store did feature all the LOONA members.

Unsurprisingly, Orbits are furious at the decision. Some are blaming Skoolooks directly for the decision, given that they’ve had no trouble working with a 12-member group in the past.

Others say LOONA’s agency, BlockBerry Creative, is just as much at fault, suggesting that this isn’t the first time Vivi, Haseul, and Yeojin have been excluded.

One fan even went as far as to Photoshop the missing members into the poster, showing how easy it would’ve been for Skoolooks to include them.

Some optimistic fans are still hoping that there may be several posters, each featuring a different subset of members. So far, Skoolooks is yet to comment on the situation.