Fans Joke TWICE’s Momo Is Plotting Revenge On Her Group After This Happened

ONCEs noticed the awkward moment and couldn’t help but have a little fun with it.

During a moment at the 2019 Soribada Awards, TWICE‘s Momo was caught on camera trying to hand the mic on to groupmates Tzuyu and Dahyun before eventually giving up and using it herself.

Momo took the gaffe in stride, and it was obvious the girls weren’t deliberately ignoring her.

Nonetheless, fans of the group had fun making up scenarios as to how Momo would enact her revenge. Most were in agreement that the group’s retribution would somehow involve food, whether that meant Momo eating everyone’s food or holding back on cooking for them.

Momo internally: i’m gonna eat all your foods after we’re done here

—Reddit User luvnexos

Although fans were just kidding around, they may be correct about the type of punishment Momo is likely to give out. It’s obvious the girls rely on Momo’s cooking abilities, especially in light of the fact that she recently shared she got hurt while cooking a special request from Sana!