Fans Are Living For The BTS And GOT7 “Crumbs” As Jimin And BamBam Promote Simultaneously

GOTBANGTAN crumbs after so long!

As any third-generation K-Pop fan will tell you, one of the most epic friendships between male groups is the friendship between BTS and GOT7.

GOT7 | @got7/Twitter
BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Though several specific friendships stand out among the groups, like Jungkook, Yugyeom, and BamBam as part of the 97-liners…

(left to right) GOT7’s Yugyeom, Bambam, and BTS’s Jungkook

…and Jackson And RM, who have always had a special friendship…

…fans could often expect to see the groups hanging out together at events and hyping each other up.

As both groups are currently working on solo endeavors as some serve their mandatory military service, fans have been a little starved of interactions between them. One of the last crumbs fans got was during RM’s home tour when he showed he owned a very limited piece from Jackson’s luxury brand TEAM WANG DESIGN‘s Halloween Sparkles collection.

Now, fans have gotten some more crumbs as JImin and BamBam promote their individual releases simultaneously!

GOT7’s BamBam | @BAMBAMxABYSS/Twitter

First, during BamBam’s appearance on Yongjin’s Health Center, the star revealed his honest feelings about releasing music at the same time as Jimin. Though it hilariously stressed him out initially, BamBam ultimately saw the bright side of things, saying that more people would probably listen to his song because of it.

Following the release of his album, Jimin appeared on MCountdown, where he was interviewed by hosts MONSTA X‘s Joohoney and (G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon. As the hosts talked about the following performers, BamBam’s name was mentioned, and Jimin lit up, mouthing his name excitedly.

The two stars stood beside each other while on stage for the MCountdown winner’s announcement. After Jimin gave his winning speech, the BTS member can be seen turning and cutely nudging BamBam. The two bow to each other before BamBam has to rush off stage for his next schedule.



Fans of both groups have loved these crumbs and hope these two idols will eventually do each other’s dance challenges!