BTS’s RM Shows Love For GOT7’s Jackson Wang During His Apartment Tour

We’re living for the GotBangtan crumbs!

BTS‘s RM and GOT7‘s Jackson Wang have one of the most iconic friendships in the K-Pop industry!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang (left) and BTS’s RM (right)

They have known each other for many years and have even appeared on variety shows together.

Yet, there are also two of the busiest men. So, we see fewer interactions between them these days.

Still, we see them show their love and support for each other, even in subtle ways…

Recently, RM took ARMYs on a tour of his apartment for the first time in Part 1 of All Day with Kim Namjoon. As expected, it was truly like a museum. From the start, he even claimed that his home was “Just me, books, and paintings.” This was partially true…

There was more, though. There was a special item related to his friend Jackson.

In front of RM’s bookshelf was “TEAM WANG DESIGN PUMPKIN ROCKER.” This item is from Jackson Wang’s luxury brand TEAM WANG DESIGN‘s Halloween Sparkles collection.


The “TEAM WANG DESIGN PUMPKIN ROCKER” cost $4,656 USD, but it is already sold out. There were only 99 produced, and now we know RM is the owner of one of the few!

· Limited to 99 pieces worldwide

· Made and painted with black FRP, hand-polished

· Limited Digital Metal Cast Nameplate

· Built-in identity certificate set and maintenance accessories



Whether it was a gift from Jackson to RM or RM purchased it himself to support his friend’s brand, one thing is for sure, they still have the best friendship!

Check out more moments from RM and Jackson’s friendship below!

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Watch Part 1 of All Day with Kim Namjoon below.

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