Fans Are In Love With Taeyeon’s Cute Reenactment of Seulgi’s Microphone Incident

Taeyeon saw Seulgi‘s quick recovery during Red Velvet‘s live recent mishap, and this is how she explained it!

Last week, there was an incident regarding Seulgi’s microphone during Red Velvet’s last Music Bank performance of “Rookie”. Seulgi seamlessly overcame the difficulty and Taeyeon was so impressed that she described what she felt was a dramatic event like this.

During Wendy and Yeri‘s most recent livestream to fans, Taeyeon surprised them by joining them. They talked about her songs and she told them that she watched their performances of “Rookie” and told them they had done a great job. Her eyes lit up when she mentioned Seulgi’s microphone incident, and she couldn’t help but go on about it.

“While she was singing, she did this (throwing her water bottle in the air and catching it). Like a professional! I was amazed by her sense.”


This is how Taeyeon remembers the incident:


And this is Seulgi’s seamless recovery: