Fans Are Loving SHINee Key’s Savage Response To Fans Asking Him To Speak English

We can always count on Key for a straightforward answer.

Recently, SHINee’s Key held an Instagram live stream to spend some time with fans.

During the live stream, one fan commented, “We don’t get what you’re saying sweetie.” To this, Key had a simple answer.

Then. Learn. Korean. Keep study hard Korean. Okay.

⁠— Key

His straightforward and witty response gained much attention online from netizens and fans.

While some felt that maybe his response was a bit over the top, fans felt that it was something that needed to be said.

“I watched the live stream in real time and many international fans left rude comments telling him to just not use English ever again. There is a limit to how much Key can take and hold in. Key continued to take in all the rude comments but it just seemed to bring in more inappropriate comments. Other international fans later commented that Key is not obligated to be kind to everyone and retweeted the rude comments. True international fans used this part of the live stream to show why they love Key so much.”

“This was so refreshing to hear. I hate seeing people asking him to speak in English. If they want to know what he’s saying, learn Korean please.”

“I hate seeing comments asking him to speak in English.”

What do you think of Key’s response to the fan?

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Source: theqoo