Fans May Have Uncovered A Greek Goddess Concept In IZ*ONE’s “Fiesta” Comeback Teaser

It looks like each IZ*ONE member represents a different Greek god or goddess.

IZ*ONE often gets praised for “goddess visuals”, but this time the group may have taken the term literally with a Greek god concept. Fans think they’ve uncovered the theory in the newest teaser for “Fiesta”, IZ*ONE’s long-awaited comeback single.

In the latest episode of ENOZI Cam, the IZ*ONE members showed fans around the film set for “Fiesta” teasers. Throughout the clip, Sakura and Wonyoung repeatedly referred themselves and the other members as “goddesses”.

At first, fans thought little of the comments. But when the latest “Fiesta” teaser was released on February 12, WIZ*ONEs quickly picked up on the Greek goddess themes laden throughout.

Noting the sky in the background of this table shot, many fans believe the location of the titular fiesta could be Mount Olympus, the cloud home of the Greek gods.

One scene shows Chaewon in the midst of everyday activity when a shadow appears behind her.

Fan theories suggest this could represent the IZ*ONE members being taken from their ordinary lives and transformed into goddesses at a fiesta.

However, if the theory is true, WIZ*ONEs are undecided on which member represents which god. Some believe that since IZ*ONE has twelve members, they’ll each represent one of the twelve major Olympian gods. Others have paired the girls up with lesser deities based on their appearance in the video.

Many think Yena is Zeus, the main god, since she’s sitting at the head of the table.

Some think Wonyoung must be Poseidon, god of the sea, because of the blue color scheme and aquatic-looking plant-life in her shot. Others thing she looks more like Demeter, goddess of the harvest.

If Wonyoung is Demeter, then perhaps Yujin is Poseidon, given that she’s bathed in blue in her solo scene.

Sakura also has two possible pairings. On one hand, her headphones could make her Apollo, the god of music among other domains. On the other, the planet Venus behind her could suggest that she’s Aphrodite, the Greek counterpart of the roman goddess Venus.

Hyewon could also be Apollo, since Apollo is the god of the sun. In her shot, Hyewon is seen reaching for a sun-like golden orb.

Minju, on the other hand, is sitting on a moon, which could make her a representation of the moon goddess Selene or the Olympian Artemis, who also presides over the moon.

In Chaeyeon’s shot, she’s standing in front of Composition VII, a Kandinsky painting that represents destruction. This could mean she’s Ares, the Greek god of war.

In Hitomi’s scene, she’s pictured with a glass of wine, pointing to her position as Dionysus, the god of wine and revelry.

Suggestions vary for the other members, including Eunbi as Athena (goddess of wisdom) or Nike (goddess of victory), Chaewon or Nako as Demeter, and Yuri as Hera (goddess of marriage and the stars of heaven).

What do you think? Have WIZ*ONEs already worked out the theme of “Fiesta”, or are the comparisons a stretch?