Eagle-Eyed Fans Notice This Detail in Stray Kids’ Latest Vlog That Showcases Their True Personalities

It’s amazing that fans noticed this.

Stray Kids recently released the latest episode of their “SKZ-TALKER” YouTube series, showing the behind-the-scenes of their preparations for their 2022 MAMA Awards performance.

Stray Kids | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

In addition to winning an award for “Worldwide Fans’ Choice” and one for “Yongibo Chill Artist,” the group were praised by netizens for their spectacular performance during the show, as well as for being the “main event” throughout the entire night.

The extremely elaborate performance must have taken hours of preparation, some of which were depicted in the “SKZ-TALKER” clips. Stray Kids were extremely professional as they practiced with their dancers.

STAYs also appreciated the visuals of the members in the video as well.

There was one detail, however, that fans couldn’t help but notice that showed exactly how hard Stray Kids work!

The outfits the group were wearing during the dance practice are the exact same ones (minus heavy winter coats) that they wore on their flight to Japan, meaning they must have gone straight from the airport to practice when they landed!


Han at the airport.
Han in the same outfit at their dance practice.
Seungmin at the airport.
Seungmin in the SKZ-TALKER video, wearing the same sweater.

Fans couldn’t help but praise the group for their non-stop hard work that shows off their true personalities!


Stray Kids

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