Fans Notice MONSTA X Minhyuk Blinks Like No Other Person On Earth

Fans have fallen in love with Minhyuk’s “Blink Wink”

When it comes to their biases, K-Pop fans are experts on human behavior; they notice every single idiosyncrasy and habit. Minhyuk‘s quirk has affectionately been referred to as the “Blink Wink”.


Most people blink their eyes at the exact same time, but Minhyuk blinks his left eye slightly before he blinks his right one.


During a typical blink, the upper eyelids lower themselves to meet the bottom eyelids, but when Minhyuk blinks his bottom right eyelid rise to meet his upper right one.


Since he closes one eyelid at a time, Minhyuk looks like he’s giving his fans a sexy wink!


On average, people blink 28,800 times in a day…


…so that is a lot of flirtation to handle!


Minhyuk’s blinking quirk sets him apart from other idols, and it is just one of the many things his fans love about him!

Source: Instiz and Huffington Post


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