Fans Noticed This Change In Lovelyz Jisoo After Her Appearance On “Real Men”

They spotted this one change.

Lovelyz‘s Jisoo charmed everyone during her appearance on Real Men with many loving being able to see the bare-faced Jisoo. But fans noticed one major thing that changed with the idol after appearing on the show.

In one of Lovelyz’s song, the girls included a salute to their choreography. At first, Jisoo was seen doing the salute with her palm facing the audience, which is the incorrect form.


After appearing on the show, however, she stopped doing this. Instead, she does the proper salute, as if she is truly saluting her commanding officer! It’s unknown if she on purposely started doing it the correct way after appearing on “Real Men”, or if it just became second nature for her to do it so. Either way, she’s absolutely adorable when she does it!


Source: Pann