Fans Outraged At SM For “Erasing” Former TVXQ! Members From Museum History 

SM Entertainment appears to be trying to forget DB5K ever existed.

SM Entertainment recently launched their SM Museum—an extensive exhibit that celebrates the history of their agency and artists through interactive booths, music videos, and photo books. 


It even touched some heartstrings after fans found Jessica Jung in some of the official merchandise despite having left Girls’ Generation. 

SM Entertainment Featured Jessica In Their New Girls’ Generation Exhibit


This apparently wasn’t the case for former TVXQ! members Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun. 


According to numerous fan accounts, SM Entertainment did not include group mannequins for the group between 2005-2010, the time where they promoted with five members. 


Instead, scattered seemingly at random throughout the museum were five small photos of the original lineup.


SM Entertainment only carries merchandise for their promotions from 2010 onwards with the remaining two members.


Fans couldn’t help but vent their frustration online as they felt that this move didn’t properly celebrate TVXQ!’s “golden days” and provides only a narrative as SM Entertainment would like to see it.


Fans also felt that the inclusion of Jessica Jung (who also left SM Entertainment) was adding insult to injury as it showed preferential treatment to SONE’s and the memory of Girls’ Generation.


TVXQ’s history with SM Entertainment, along with other artists, continues to be featured at the museum located on the third floor of the COEX Artium in Seoul, South Korea.