Fans Can’t Decide If Photo Is SEVENTEEN’s The8 Or NCT Dream’s Jaemin

Which of the idols do you see?

When thinking of idols whose looks favor each other, NCT Dream‘s Jaemin and SEVENTEEN‘s The8 are probably the last ones you’d think of as lookalikes.

Thanks to a particular photo, fans are having a bit of trouble figuring out which idol it is. Some see Jaemin while others see The8.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

In the photo, the male has his hair parted, to hang on the sides of his face, and dark sunglasses hiding his eyes. Since fans can easily spot their favorite idols just from their silhouettes, it should’ve been simple.

| @MYNGH0E/Twitter

Fans were so confused that some even thought they saw parts of ATEEZ‘s SanKang Daniel, and WayV‘s Ten from taking glances at the photo. Everyone didn’t have to wait long to find out which idol it was.

| SMEntertainment

Although it could’ve easily been a photo of Jaemin from their “GO” era, it turned out to be a photo of The8 from December of last year.

Wearing his expensive bag, sunglasses, and shirt, he looked the part of a wealthy fashionista.

Because Jaemin can look just as chic with his expensive outfits, it was easy for fans to mistake the two for each other. Were you able to figure it out on the first look?