Fans Can’t Help But Notice These Differences Between New And Past SM Rookies

The times have really changed for SM Rookies!

SM Entertainment recently announced its three newest SM RookiesEunseokShohei, and Seunghan. SM Rookies functions as a way for pre-debut trainees to gain experience and be exposed to the public.

The newest SM Rookies. | @smrookies/Twitter

The trio was announced via the SM Rookies social media accounts and each post included several editorial shots of each of the new rookies. As it turns out, the three were interviewed and photographed by WWD Magazine.

Seunghan | @smrookies/Twitter
Eunseok | @smrookies/Twitter
Shohei | @smrookies/Twitter

While fans have been loving these gorgeous photos, many are recalling the former members of the SM Rookies. Members of Red Velvet and more than half of NCT were SM Rookies in the past.

SM Rookies line-up in 2015. | SM Entertainment

Many fans have hilariously taken note of the much more sophisticated look of the SR22B (SM Rookie 2022 Boys) compared to the visuals presented in the past. At first glance, you can see that the new rookies have a much more elevated look and were introduced in a much “cooler” fashion.

There are also a few complaints from fans regarding the treatment of current idols compared to these newly announced trainees including the fact that WayV, one of NCT’s subunits, has not had a group comeback since May 2021.

Overall, most fans are curious about where these new rookies will debut. Currently, SM Entertainment has announced its NCT Tokyo subunit as well as teased a new boy group outside of the NCT concept.