Here Is What We Know About SM Entertainment’s New Boy Group, NCT Tokyo, So Far

Are you excited for a new NCT sub-unit?

SM Entertainment is reportedly in the works for two new NCT subunits — NCT Hollywood and NCT Tokyo — and the news has been met with conflicting opinions from K-Pop fans.

The entire concept for NCT was that the group would be constantly expanding with new members and new concepts, so it’s really no surprise that a Japanese-based subunit would be created! Whether the group will be well-received or not is a different story, especially depending on how the current units and members of NCT are treated.

NCT 127

Reportedly, NCT Tokyo was actually originally supposed to debut before NCT 127, but the unit has been pushed back until now due to scheduling conflicts. Because of this information, we can be fairly certain that one of the members of NCT 127 will be in the Japanese sub-unit… And the member that would make the most sense, of course, would be Japanese member Yuta.


Many NCT fans believe that Yuta is under-utilized and doesn’t get enough attention in NCT 127, so giving him the opportunity to have a bigger spotlight in NCT Tokyo seems like something a lot of people would appreciate!

Then again, as it’s Yuta’s 6th year in the K-Pop industry, others may wish that he would get the opportunity to pursue a solo career, especially as he’s become more popular in Japan.

Others are concerned that, if Yuta is a part of NCT Tokyo, he’ll be removed from promoting with NCT 127 and end up in a similar position as WinWin, who has been pretty much entirely assigned to participate in WayV‘s infrequent comebacks.

Another current NCT member expected to join NCT Tokyo is Shotaro. He debuted with the group during the NCT 2020 promotions with Resonance Pt.1, and because of this, his position within the sub-units of the group is so far unknown.


Because of this, it would be nice if he was officially announced as a member of NCT Tokyo to give him an actual position in the group. After all, it has been over a year and a half since he joined NCT, and he definitely deserves to make his place!

There are even rumors that Shotaro could be the leader of the group, due to how much SM Entertainment has been promoting him in Japan recently.

Sungchan is another member who debuted at the same time as Shotaro and doesn’t currently have a position in NCT. Fans have doubts he’ll be part of NCT Tokyo since he’s not Japanese; however, NCTzens are also so used to seeing Shotaro and Sungchan together that it’s hard to imagine them being apart!


The final current NCT member who fans think might be part of the new sub-unit is actually Ten! Though he’s not Japanese, he’s been studying the language for quite a while now, and prior to joining WayV, he also intensely studied Chinese in preparation.


Of course, all of these are just rumors and speculations for now, but hopefully, SM Entertainment will share new information on NCT Tokyo (as well as NCT Hollywood) soon!