Fans Praise aespa’s Karina And Red Velvet’s Joy For Touching Gesture Towards Irene

“They’re so precious…”

The K-Pop industry is no stranger to moments of camaraderie and touching gestures. One such instance that recently melted the hearts of fans globally was the heartwarming display of concern and support by Joy and aespa‘s Karina for Red Velvet‘s Irene.

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The touching moment was caught behind the scenes at the SMTOWN concert in Jakarta and has since made waves across various social media platforms.

SM artists during the Jakarta concert. | @smtownglobal/Twitter

Hours before the SM Entertainment family concert in Indonesia, Irene was announced to be in poor health and, thus, not to be partaking in the concert. However, in a show of commitment to her fans, she decided to brave through her ill feelings and give her best on the stage.

While this gesture really showcased her dedication and professionalism, it was evident to many fans that she was struggling. During some of Red Velvet’s performances, Irene’s ill-health became more than apparent. However, it wasn’t just the on-stage performances that displayed her condition.

A backstage video recently began making rounds on social media platforms, showing a frail-looking Irene being assisted up the stairs by Joy and Karina. This moment brought to light the deep bonds that exist between members of the same agency, and fans couldn’t help but feel a surge of emotions.

Karina’s bond with Irene didn’t just end with the helping hand up the stairs. She was also spotted during the concert’s closing stage, amidst the performance of the song “Hope,” checking up on Irene and holding her hand, a comforting gesture that speaks volumes about their close-knit relationship.

It’s no secret that SM Entertainment artists share a unique bond, but such incidents highlight the familial ties between the groups, breaking the barriers of seniority or group lines.

Fans from all over the world have since taken to various platforms to praise Joy and Karina for their kind gestures. Comments flooded in with sentiments like, “They’re so precious,” and “Karina and Joy are such sweethearts for looking after Irene like that.”

In an industry often marked by fierce competition and rivalry, moments like these showcase the humanity, respect, and mutual care that artists have for one another. They remind fans that behind their on-stage persona, idols are human too, capable of feeling, caring, and supporting one another in times of need.

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While fans laud Irene for her unwavering commitment to her work, many hope she prioritizes her health and well-being above all. In the end, the music industry is as much about the artists as it is about the music, and it is these very human moments that create lasting memories in fans’ hearts.

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