Fans Praise Upcoming K-Drama For Including Masks In Episodes

It’s the first one to do so!

An upcoming K-Drama has been gaining attention from fans for its inclusion of the COVID-19 pandemic in the setting of their episodes. Okay Gwang Sisters just released two teaser videos today!

| KBS/YouTube

Okay Gwang Sisters is written by Moon Young Nam and directed by Lee Jin Seo. It will star actors such as Hong Eun HeeJeon Hye Bin, and Kim Kyung Nam. The show tells the story of the Gwang family being identified as potential murder suspects after the murder of their mother during their parents’ divorce.

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In the videos, you can see characters wearing masks when walking outside or going into buildings. There is even a scene that shows them purchasing masks in a convenience store. There are even signs on the store doors that state, “Don’t go outside,” “Wash your hands for more than 30 seconds,” and “Please keep social distance.”

| KBS/YouTube

It has been over a year since COVID-19 was discovered, yet masks have not appeared in most creative media yet. This was due to issues with the actor’s articulation and acting. Okay Gwang Sisters stands as the first drama to include the pandemic and make it feel more realistic to today.

Fans have been loving this find, as many are worried about a resurgence of the virus and interesting in seeing how a drama will portray it.

  • The actors must be relieved since they can wear masks when acting.”
  • “This will be a drama that we can look back on like the ‘Reply’ series.”
  • “Other dramas didn’t’ seem realistic since no one wore masks.”
  • “I think it’s a good idea since they can wear masks when they are filming.”
  • It’s so new to see a drama where the actors are wearing masks.”
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It’s practically inevitable that we will get at least a few more K-Dramas with a pandemic setting. What are your thoughts on it?

Check out the teasers below!

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