Fans Question G-Dragon’s True Height After Seeing These Unedited Photos

He looks different than you might expect.

Fans are unsure of G-Dragon‘s true height in real life after seeing candid photos of him where he looks shorter than expected.

| @xxxibgdrgn/Instagram

When standing next to various bodyguards, his height doesn’t quite stack up.

With his height listed as 177 cm online, it may come as a shock to fans who see his unedited photos looking on the shorter side.

His cute height suits him and is actually one of his charming points!

G-Dragon shows cool guys don’t have to be tall.

However, fans might need some clarification of his true measurements! Taecyeon on the left is 185cm, Ha Yeon Joo on the right is 171 cm, and Wooyoung in between G-Dragon and Ha Yeon Hoo is listed at 178cm.

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