“The Earth Is Healing” — Fans React To BLOCK B’s First Full Group Performance In 4 Years

They performed several songs, including “Her.”

BLOCK B recently fulfilled fans dreams by performing together as a group for the first time in four years — even though a member is currently in the military.


BLOCK B are one of the most popular groups from K-Pop’s third generation. The group’s last comeback happened in 2018 with the ballad song “Don’t Leave” before member Jaehyo‘s mandatory enlistment.

Since then, the group has all enlisted and been discharged, except P.O. who began his services in the Marine Corps in March 2022. Fans have eagerly taken in all of the group’s individual activities while loving the moments they reunite on social media.

| @pyojihoon_official/Instagram

About a week ago, fans were thrilled to see that all group members had gathered at ZICO’s KOZ Entertainment practice room. No one was sure of why the meeting was happening but felt that only good things could come from it.

Soon after, it was announced that the group would perform at the Marine Corps 2022 28th Year End Concert, their first group performance in around four years! 

Some of the lucky fans in attendance shared clips of the group performing many of their hit songs, including “Her,” and “Very Good.”

After the performance, the group greeted fans as they departed from the venue.  Fans were also treated to photos of the group together!

| @pyojihoon_official/Instagram

BBCs have been on cloud nine since the performance and are even hopeful of a comeback in the near future!

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