Fans Receive The Most Unexpected Answer After Asking Park Ji Hoon To Use Bubble

What a cutie!

On Christmas Day, Park Ji Hoon fans waited for any update from the singer and actor as he was currently on vacation after receiving the spotlight for his amazing acting in wavve original’s Weak Hero Class 1. Around lunchtime, he appeared on the fan platform Universe and promised fans to turn on an Instagram live.

He appeared in his pajamas and a cute furry hat on the live broadcast and spent around 40 minutes chatting with fans and having a good time. While chatting, a fan asked, “Jihoon, can you do bubble?” To this, Jihoon replied, “Bubble? One two three four bubble bubble…this is it, right?”

After hearing his answer, fans couldn’t help but laugh at his unexpected yet adorable reply! While most people understand Bubble as the fan communication app used by many idols, Jihoon sang the commercial song for a washing machine that aired in 2008. Jihoon, being born in 1999, had fans shocked that he even knew this song! Fans also felt that he probably didn’t know what the Bubble app was as he currently uses the Universe app to communicate with fans!

Fans also couldn’t help but laugh at his cute response!

| theqoo
  • “What do you mean is this right lolol he’s so cute.”
  • “What do you mean is this right lolol.”
  • “Lololol so cute.”
  • “I know it wasn’t his intention but he’s so funny.”
  • “It’s not correct at all lolol.”
  • “Ahhh lololol.”
  • “Lolol.”
  • “Ah he is so cute lolol.”
Source: theqoo
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