Fans Share Their Thoughts On Why They Think Secret Number Is Popular

Why do you think they’re so popular?

Secret Number is a new five-member girl group who officially debuted under Vine Entertainment on May 19. They were originally meant to debut on March 26, but the date was pushed back due to the worldwide coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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The group is diverse, consisting of two Korean Americans, Jinny and Denise, Japanese member Léa, Indonesian member Dita, alongside Soodam, a Korean national.

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Despite having just debuted, the group is fairly popular, and while they obviously deserve their popularity due to their talent and visuals, the question about why they’re popular has come up enough that fans have come through with answers.

One of the biggest reasons fans believe Secret Number is so successful is because of their representation.

In Indonesia they are really popular because of her. they have representation!!! kpop companies should realize that adding 1 person who is eg indian, black hispanic will bring in fans. plus it could help with the group promotions in those countries.

—Refilwe Tsalaile, Secret Number fan

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Additionally, the company included two former YG trainees in the lineup — Denise and Jinny.

Jinny in particular was a known YG trainee, she was showcased in the “Future 2NE1” line up years ago and was at one point part of the predebut line up for BlackPink. She was also on Produce48 so she has a following prior to debut.

—Teana Chan, Secret Number fan

Of course, it goes without saying that diversity and affiliation with big-name companies isn’t enough to make a group popular.

I feel like they have the skills to become a good group.

—Annie Tran, Secret Number fan

Why do YOU think Secret Number is popular?

Watch the MV for their debut song “Who Dis?” below:

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