Fans Speculate That Pledis Disbanded PRISTIN To Make Way For This Brand New Girl Group

This new girl group would feature a few familiar faces.

With news of the disbandment of Pledis Entertainment‘s fledgling girl group PRISTIN being so fresh, the internet is abuzz with different theories and speculations as to why and as to what’s next for the three members of PRISTIN who decided to stay with Pledis Entertainment.

PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung, Yehana, and Sungyeon (from left to right) renewed their contracts with Pledis

Back in January rumors began to circulate that Pledis Entertainment would be teaming up with Stone Music to debut a new joint girl group that would include Pledis Entertainment trainees and ex-Produce 48 contestants Lee Kaeun and Heo Yunjin.

Lee Kaeun (left) previously debuted under Pledis Entertainment with the girl group After School

In the light of PRISTIN’s untimely disbandment, these rumors are beginning to surface once more, however this time Pledis Entertainment’s new girl group is rumored to include the remaining three members of PRISTIN as well.

Fans are split in opinion on this matter, but the majority of netizens are urging both Kaeun and Yunjin to follow their Pledis Entertainment sisters’ leads and end their contracts with the company before this can become a reality – especially since Pledis Entertainment has an ever-worsening track record with managing girl groups (i.e. After School, HELLOVENUS, and now PRISTIN)

What will happen to these, now 5, female trainees is still undecided. Following the disbandment of PRISTIN, though, loyal fans have vowed to support the former members wherever the future may take them.