Fans Are Split Between TWICE’s Tzuyu With Bangs and Without Bangs

Fans are having a difficult time choosing between the two.

In light of TWICE‘s new comeback, Tzuyu returned looking more gorgeous than ever before in bangs.


As a result, an online community has gone into a split debate between Tzuyu with bangs and Tzuyu without bangs.

And the opinions are split.

In the past Tzuyu took turns flaunting both hairstyles.

Whenever she revealed her forehead to the world, she showed off a more mature beauty.

But when she goes for a hairstyle with bangs, her face appears even smaller than usual, making all jaws drop.

Fans agree that Tzuyu looks stunning in both hairstyles.

But it appears to be very difficult for many to decide what looks better on the queen of visuals.

Some of the fans’ comments include “She looks so pretty when her forehead is covered“, “When she reveals her forehead, she’s a goddess, when she covers it, she’s a fairy“, and “I think she looks better without bangs“.

What are your thoughts?

Source: Insight