BTS’s Reaction to Injuring Jin is Dramatically Different Than Jungkook

During a game of air hockey, both Jungkook and Jin got hurt – and the way the other members responded to each of them truly highlights their relationship with the other members.

While there is no doubt that BTS are extremely close and friendly with each other, seeing how the group react when Jungkook, the youngest member, and Jin, the eldest, get hurt shows that they’re much more scared of Jungkook’s reactions than Jin’s.

When V accidentally knocked the puck at Jungkook’s wrist, the members were quick to go silent. While Jungkook might have only been 15 when he debuted in 2013, judging from the group’s reaction, he isn’t a child anymore. In fact, it seems like the other members are even intimidated by him, as V immediately began to apologize when Jungkook told him “Hyung, come here.”

Everyone went silent when Jungkook got hurt.

Moments later, Jungkook knocked the puck at Jin, and it flew off the table and straight at Jin’s privates. Rather than the concern and apologies that were immediately offered when Jungkook hurt his wrist, the members burst out laughing and couldn’t stop! Jungkook even celebrated the accident with a dance!

BTS know Jin can’t be mad at them, so they turn his injury into one big joke.

To make sure there weren’t yet more injuries, everyone covered their own private parts for the rest of the match to avoid the dangerous puck.

The group’s natural reactions to both members show just how close they are, and how each member has a different dynamic with everyone else, while they all reacted in fear to the grown up maknae, they trusted Jin would be able to laugh it all off in the end.

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